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Twas a Business Month

Hey! How's everyone doing? Good? Alright!

So I've been focusing so much on my creative stuff (voice acting, writing, etc.) which has been awesome! But this month was the slap in the face of... money and business, and how they're what it takes to make a professional project.


So we have our script (still being tweaked from time to time), our director, our location, and most of our team. My director Natalie and I started meetings on a weekly basis. This month was first projected to be committed to pre-production (set design, prop lists, shot lists), but Natalie and I started talking more and more about budget. Admittedly I started to feel like we were putting our eggs in an imaginary basket. I honestly thought back in January, I could pay for this project out of pocket. HOWEVER, people (understandably) would like to be compensated for their work and time.

After talking to my director, it became clear that money needed to be a higher priority. So, we got down... to business.

I finally picked a business entity. After a little more research, I decided to file for an LLC. I believe it has the best of both worlds when it comes to insurance and ownership. So I filed for registration using Zen Business (not spon) and they helped me with my business registration and getting a tax number. So boom I now own a business! Determinal Velocity LLC.

We currently have a website, but admittedly it's pretty basic, I'm sure it'll update as time goes on. I did spend some time making a reel for the website, and it's right below!

If you could share our website you'd be an absolute peach!

How are we going to get money? I'm figuring out there are a lot of different ways.

  1. A very common way film projects gain money is through Kickstarter Campaigns. They're not bad, but they aren't guaranteed funds unless you meet your goal, they involve a lot of work reaching out to people, and Kickstarter takes a chunk of earnings.

  2. You could reach out to Investors. At first I wasn't sure about this avenue, and just asking companies for money felt kind of fruitless. I'm just this new filmmaker, these guys don't know me or have any reason to believe I could give them money back. However, after some brainstorming I decided to reach out to potential investors who could be directly connected to our project, in this case, Haunted Houses. We're going to offer making some basic advertisement in exchange for money for our pilot.

  3. Or you could apply to Business Loans. Now I didn't know what I would find looking for business loans. After some consulting and research, I found a few organizations that offer micro-loans with little to no interest. But you will eventually need to pay them back.

There are a few other ways to possibly fund your project, but at the moment we are doing a combination of all the three. If everything works out, we plan on being approved by a micro-loan or two to get us started. We'll start a kickstarter campaign, to cover bare-minimum costs, and all the while we'll reach out to investors. After-all even if we get a few businesses interested in the project. It'll be money we can use.

So money, money, money. I admit it's not my favorite part of the filming process, but I know it's a necessary thing to assure we can pay the staff and cast what they deserve.

Speaking of Cast! Natalie convinced me that we needed cast members sooner rather than later. So we strummed up a casting call with basic character descriptions and splashed in on social media. And the response has been pretty good, but we'll be open until April 8th, so if anyone reading this wants to audition, you can find the information down below! And I am so grateful Natalie is heading up the casting call. She is so busy emailing actors, giving them sides and gathering info about them.

Okay so that was the big update from last month. Not exactly what I was planning but that's okay, the plan evolved and so did I. So let's talk about the goals for this month!

  1. Continue Funding: We're going to reach out to Investors as much as we can. I'm waiting to hear back from the micro-loan applications, and hopefully we'll have some money under our belt soon.

  2. CASTING!: Our casting call ends soon! And we plan on having our cast confirmed within a week or two, depending on whether callbacks are needed.

  3. Film a Promo: After some discussion Natalie and I decided it would be best to make a short promo to help with crowdfunding. Providing we find some funds and our cast is able to film on the last minute notice. We'll try our best to film it by the end of the month.

It'll be a busy month, but let's see what we can do!

How's the Audiobook Coming?

I've gotten a few chapters done and I'm continuing the best I can. But admittedly it may take a little longer with all the plans we have.

Voice Acting Updates!

I'm recording lines for Project Eden's Garden. Which if you haven't heard I will be voicing Ingrid Grimwall!! I already love this character and hopefully you'll be able to hear her when the time comes.

And that's about it! I'm still working on the craft, auditioning all the time, and working online with my fellow creators. I'm taking business classes with NEW Women's Business Center in Los Angeles, which hopefully will help me with figuring out the business stuff of the project.

Thanks for reading! If you want to follow up on more frequent updates, as well as see some joke videos I make from time to time, feel free to follow me:






Maddy Goshorn

You guys are great! Thank you for reading! Love you!

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