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On the road, for two months.

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

It's the start of August, fall is on its way. Which is great, if you like Autumn that is. I heard people like it, but whatever.

My internship has come to an end. It was an incredible experience. I started as a Behind the Scenes cinematographer, but moved up to Co-captain of the department during my time with them. I was able to design a promotional video for the company, and help teach some workshops! I met some wonderful people whom I hope to work with more in the future!

On to my next big adventure!

I'm about to take a two month adventure through a company called Poster Invasion. It'll be a lot of sales for the most part. However I'm hoping to get some more filming done as well!

This job is going to take me all around the country. Now I'm not allowed to say exactly where we're going, but if you're up for a visit from me let me know! If I'm in your area I'll try to swing by!

Maddy Goshorn Media Projects!

Despite being super busy with the internship, I was able to work on a few more projects in the in-between time.

First off, no word from the commercial yet. It's a finished video, but the owners may not be able to share for a little while longer. The second I can share it, I will!

I was able to make another book trailer, this one is from the World War 2 time period. Please feel free to check out the trailer for Pat Jeanne Davis' novel When Valleys Bloom Again

I was also invited to make the Bio/Intro video for The Institute for Association and Nonprofit Research. Thank you again to Joe Bates for giving me the opportunity. In fact we're talking about working together some more, stay tuned for what that's bringing!

How's the Audiobook Coming?

Good question. I've been awfully busy and haven't worked much on the audiobook as of yet. However, once I finish one more project, I'm going to give it my main focus! I've recorded a few chapters, so it's in the works! Just wait a few more months.

On the creative film making side...

I released another skit just the other day, some people have seen it and thank you so much for all those who did! It's a fun little parody video about a pair of "monster hunters."

It's called Bigfoot Bachelorette.

Feel free to give it a watch! I'm hoping very soon to start releasing more videos more frequently. We will see what happens after these next two months.

And that's about it! I'm still working on the craft, auditioning all the time, and working online with my fellow creators.

Thanks for reading! If you want to follow up on more frequent updates, as well as see some joke videos I make from time to time, feel free to follow me:






Maddy Goshorn

You guys are great! Thank you for reading!

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