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Ohh We're Halfway There.... OOHHHH

Wow a crazy month, June that is, and I guess the beginning of July. I'll throw them together, since they both were all about Campaigning.

I learned a lot during the Indiegogo campaign. Mostly that it takes a lot of time, and you gotta diversify how you reach out to people. But considering the circumstances, and the fact that is was my first time trying to figure it all out, I think we did alright. We ended the Campaign with a grand total of $2,035 from the generous donations of 40 backers. Thank you again to all 40 of you. You all saw something special in us and gave what you could. I'm so incredibly grateful!

You can see the details of the campaign end here.

So what's next?


Well we took some huge steps! We had our first film-shoot! And wow it was awesome, but at the same time... insane.

I took a lot of prep time to create the sets, and create props, which I think turned out great!

1922 Murder at the Old Turner House

It was really fun to figure out how to make some objects look old and used. And dang the set for the Haunted House attraction itself turned out great for the small budget we had.

And now we get to do it all one more time. We should be having our final shoot date at the end of the month.

Admittedly we decided to do some of the more difficult/emotional scenes first, just to make sure we had the time to make them look great. Now we'll work on the filler scenes. But now we'll have less time per scene, since we have more settings to film in.

We plan on finishing all the filming by early August (giving time to potentially do a pickup day.)

Now of course after that comes editing. But we're not going to focus on that until August. For now I'm prepping for our next big weekend. It feels great to have come so far, but at the same time, I'm so tired. I'm ready for a little break.

How's the Audiobook Coming?

I'm back to recording the audiobook! I'm going to be on the road for a few months, so I'm trying to record as much as I can beforehand so I have something to edit on some downtime. The goal is to record everything before the trip, but I know more than likely I'lll get like 10 or so recorded to edit.

I put the rest of voice acting to the side at the moment, but I'm gonna jump back in the fall. I miss it so much.

Thanks for reading! If you want to follow up on more frequent updates, as well as see some joke videos I make from time to time, feel free to follow me:






Maddy "Gos" Goshorn

You guys are great! Thank you for reading! Love you!

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