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JANUARY 2021 Productivity Update

What a great start to 2021!

Even though the world has still been cray cray, Maddy Goshorn Media has had a great start to the year.

At the top of the month, I offered a wild discount for one-minute book trailers for writers. The first five people to respond, received a book trailer for only $20. It was nabbed up within 24 hours. Considering Maddy Goshorn Media is a super new company, I want to say thank you again to everyone who took a chance on me.

I've been working on the trailers slowly but surely. If you want to see how they are coming along feel free to check them out here:

Also I was hired to make the Intro, Outro and seg-ways for the Historical Bookworm Podcast. Which will start to release their episodes very soon!

A couple of Voice Acting Jobs have come along too!

I was hired to record some Audio for an upcoming app called Whispp. Once it's fully developed, it's supposed to be a tool for individuals who stutter. It will probably be a few months until it's finished, but when it's done I'll be sure to share it.

I was also hired to read for a corporate pitch video for Worldpay from FIS. I was able to show relatability and positivity about the product.

On the creative film making side...

Ghosts of Kinship has been combined into one 25 minute short, and submitted to a few film festivals. And so far.... It was nominated for one of them! The 4th Dimension Independent Film Festival!

This is an awesome start, and even if it isn't picked up anywhere else, I'm grateful for everything I've learned so far, and I hope my future projects are even better.

And I released Graduation: a short film. It's a nine minute film about remembering the past and moving forward. This video has been sitting in my editing limbo for the past year and a half, and since I've learned so much since then, the audio isn't great for this particular video. However, I loved a lot about the skit and so I decided to share it anyways. If you want to check it out here's the link:

I've been filming for next month's comedy skit... and I don't want to give too much away but it's a little different from my normal stuff... by that I mean...funny... hopefully.

I'll share that probably mid February!

A few other fun happenings!

I recently joined a DnD Twitch channel called Dragon Humpers. It has a lot of crude humor, and it may not be for everyone, but if you like Dnd, you like me, and you're free Wednesdays and Sundays between 9pm -11pm EST... feel free to tune in:

I also joined a sketch group podcast called Cake Block. We're still working on the audio right now, but when those start to get released I'll share them for sure!

I also took a voice over audition workshop class with Tony Oliver and Dorah Fine. It was an awesome experience to get advice from professionals and maybe even make some new friends.

I definitely recommend for any Voice Actor!

And that's about it. A lot of working on projects to come, taking classes to learn about new equipment I recently bought, and staying hopeful about the future!

Thank you for your time! Hopefully this awesome start of a year keeps up as time goes on!

Thanks for reading! If you want to follow more updates on a more frequent basis, as well as some joke videos I make from time to time, feel free to follow me:






Maddy Goshorn

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