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Here's to a New Year

Updated: Jan 2

I'm currently writing this on New Year's Eve of 2022. It's raining outside, and I wearing a Super Meat Boy shirt that I got for Christmas.

I'll be honest, I'm tired. I'm working a lot, both for money and on my arts. And sometimes I can be a little burnt out working on parts of projects that I'm not entirely in love with. Recently I've felt a little restless spending a lot of time audio editing. However that's the reality of working in the creative world, it's not all pursuing your dreams, it's a lot of hard work. And the work is not always fun.

But it's been a long year, and I wanted to take a short time, to reflect on all the accomplishments for the past year, and what my goals are for next year. Because I think that's what's going to help me for the next year for when the work get's a little less fun.


  1. January: Was a Finalist for the Now Voice This Voiceover Competition.

  2. February: Bought a House Baby!

  3. March: Started a Film Business!

  4. April: Won the Seneca Women Podcast Competition!

  5. May: Raised about $2,000 for Filming

  6. May - July: Filmed the Scare Actors Short Film

  7. October: Was a Judge for the Pembroke Taparelli Arts & Film Festival

And all the while

  • Wrote the Scare Actors Script

  • Auditioned and was cast in multiple VO projects (including my first animation movie)

  • Started learning and executing the art of pitching

  • Fixed up parts of my house

  • Made my Cinematography Reel

  • Made some great friends

  • Attended the 2022 Poster Invasion Poster Tour and made a nice paycheck from it

  • Made a website for my company

  • Learned about running a business

  • Adopted a beautiful little kitten (Her name is Pumpernickel)

  • Produced book trailers for a few authors

  • And ya know, working regular jobs

And looking back, that's a great year, a lot of goals were made and met, maybe not everything that I hoped, but some new stuff that I didn't plan on was completed too!

So looking for this next year, I wanted to share my plan layout

January: Finish the work for my Podcast and Audiobook (Audition when I can)

February: Update my website, and resumes, I'm ready for a job in the creative world and potentially an agent

March: Start writing pitches for a handful of creative projects (I won't write a full script, just get the basics down for a few ideas)

April: Start writing a script to film later in the year.

May - July: Start Pre-Production, Crowdfunding etc. for my film

August - September: Poster Tour!

October - December: Film (I don't know what I'm filming yet, but I for sure want to make another project)

I don't know how truthfully I'll follow this plan, because who know what'll happen right? But I figure if you start with a plan, that's the best way to have something to work towards.

Alright, let's do this! Better myself, Better my career, and overall just enjoy life!

By the way Project Eden's Garden came out not too long ago, feel free to check it out! I play the incredible Ingrid!

And that's about it! Let's all remember to take a little break, spend a little time with loved ones!

Thanks for reading! If you want to follow up on more frequent updates, as well as see some joke videos I make from time to time, feel free to follow me: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: LinkedIn: Also feel free to check out Determinal Velocity's (My Production Company) Social Media Links Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: TikTok: Website: Keep on Kicking Ass! Maddy "Gos" Goshorn

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