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February, Wow that went fast!

February, anyone else want to spell it out Feb - brew - ary? Just me? Cool...

The shortest month of the year, and if felt like it flew by. And despite it being short I got a lot done!

Maddy Goshorn Media's Happenings!

More book trailers were made through Maddy Goshorn Media, including:

A Firm place to Stand

Sisters Ever After

Signs in the Dark

Meanwhile some groundwork was made on a commercial project that will probably be released next month! It'll be fun I swear!

By the way the Historical Bookworm Podcast is released now! You can check out their episode here in which I had made their Intro, Outro, and seg-way pieces.

You can find them here at


Apple Podcasts



And on other platforms, just do a little searching!

A couple of Voice Acting Jobs have come along too!

I was able to voice a few lines for an audio series called The Miseducation of John Mark, now the lines I voice are in the very last episode, but if you'd like to check out their series, feel free to do so here.

I was also hired to voice a villainous character in an English adaptation of a video game called Whispered Secrets 12. It won't be released for a few more months, but when that's ready to share I'll be sure to share a link!

On the creative film making side...

Even though it was technically released March 1st, I spent several days at the end of February editing the short skit Resting Bitch Face Foundation PSA (EXPLICIT) Which you can watch here

or the clean-er version here

Feel free to share the video if you like it! And feel free to subscribe for more videos that I will release every month.

At the beginning of the month I filmed for March's short film, it's another comedic sketch starring a lot of the same faces that's been in previous sketches of mine.

I also spent nearly two weeks working another big project. I don't want to say too much about it now, but I will say that I'm pitching a video format to other youtube channels. If it goes well I'll be partnering up with another channel. If it doesn't get picked up, I'm sure I'll end up sharing it on my own channel.

A few other fun happenings!

Cake Block's Comedy Podcasts started to release, I'm not in every episode but I am a frequent Voice Actor there, feel to check it out at

Apple Podcasts




And on other platforms, just do a little searching!

Things are going well on the DnD Twitch channel I joined called Dragon Humpers. It has a lot of crude humor, and it may not be for everyone, but if you like Dnd, you like me, and you're free Wednesdays and Sundays between 9pm -11pm EST... feel free to tune in:

I also submitted a pilot script of mine to a few script writing contests, I'll let everyone know if it wins any awards, either way I'm getting awesome feedback to make it better. If anyone wants to read it you can download it here. However, remember it's not a finished project. I'm getting great feedback all the time. So I'm sure it will get better with some more notes, heck if you want to give me notes on it, I'll take it!

And that's about it! I'm still working on the craft, auditioning all the time, and working online with my fellow creators.

Thanks for reading! If you want to follow more updates on a more frequent basis, as well as some joke videos I make from time to time, feel free to follow me:






Maddy Goshorn

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