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Autumn Happenings! As in what's happening in Autumn... Or what already happened...Autumn Happened...

Happy Halloween!

Is what I said yesterday, because it was Halloween.

This year was insane for everyone, but I believe we're on the upswing. And it's not over yet!

I just spent a few months traveling around the country working as a Poster Salesperson, it was an awesome little adventure! But I'm back in Los Angeles and still doing some real fun stuff!

Maddy Goshorn Media Projects!

Despite being super busy with the the road trip, I was able to finish the music compositions for The Clergymen series. I don't think I've brought it up before, but The Clergymen is an audio-drama taking place in a grime and gritty fantasy world where members of the Clergy travel around the world to fight criminals, sometimes of the supernatural kind.

It's a project that's been in the works for a few years but the show is just about ready to be released! I'll be sharing the episodes as they release on my social media, and then next month I'll be sure to share a link to the collection. Now, It's a pretty intense show with lots of dark themes, harsh language and complicated topics, but very well done, if I do say so myself.

The Commercial that I produced back in May was released recently! It's a commercial that was aired on a local channel in the Ashburn, Virginia area. It's for the StageCoach Theatre Company and their ARG they are promoting. You can find it here on my channel if you're interested in checking it out.

I also made a book trailer for Laura DeNooyer's mystery novel All that is Hidden. It takes place in the 1960's Appalachian Mountains. Sort of calls back to my roots of growing up in Virginia. Check out the trailer! And check out the book!

How's the Audiobook Coming?

Lori Altebaumer's A Firm Place to Stand has become my main focus. I am churning out chapters every few days. And I hope to be finished with the audiobook by the end of the year! Feel free to check out the trailer for the book here.

On the creative film making side...

I haven't released any more skits in the past few months. Which is something I'm kicking myself over. I was able to film another skit, but I really have to stop filming skits when I have a few sitting in the editing bay. I'm working on another one on the side and maybe it'll be done this month. But in reality it may need to wait until I'm done with the Audiobook.

However, I have had a little time to write and starting to work on pitching a show. It's in the beginning of the process, and I'm learning a lot.

I did submit a written pitch to a competition in September in hopes of receiving some feedback.

And to my surprise it's doing pretty well, in fact the pitch is currently a semi-finalist in the Screencraft's Virtual Pitch Competition.

Which is super cool! It's another big encouragement that I'm doing something right! I'll be sure to let you know if it goes any further.

The show that I'm pitching is called Scare Actors, and I don't want to tell too much about the show yet, but you can probably guess from the title what it's about. I'll let y'all know if any more happens in the progression of the pre-production!

A few other fun happenings!

By the way, I was cast about a year ago in an Audiodrama called The Rise of King Asilas, I play Lord Vanessa Banks, and she's gotten a little more focus in the story as of late, so if you'd like to check it out you can here.

Oh and I did film for an episode of a Game Show for the Game Show Network. Once the episode airs, I'll be sure to share, but I can't say more...I could get sued.

And that's about it! I'm still working on the craft, auditioning all the time, and working online with my fellow creators.

Thanks for reading! If you want to follow up on more frequent updates, as well as see some joke videos I make from time to time, feel free to follow me:






Also feel free to send me an email, about whatever. I may not respond immediately

but I love hearing from people I care about and who care about me. So feel free to send an email to

Maddy Goshorn

You guys are great! Thank you for reading!

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