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A Blog? Why would you do that?

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Yeah, a blog.

Why? I guess I just had more time than I knew what to do with, despite voice acting projects, producing films for Determinal Velcoity, writing scripts for competitions, working, and helping others make videos.

Now I imagine I'll only post once a month, with updates on projects, as well as any new features I'll start offering for Maddy Goshorn Media's Services.

Speaking of Services:

These are the bulk of what Maddy Goshorn Media offers in terms of services. However! I am open to other services in the entertainment fields. Just ask away! Unless it's offensive... in which case keep it to yourself.

Services provided by Maddy Goshorn Media:



Video Editing

Audio Editing


Set Design

Voice Acting



Whether you need help with selling a house, making a trailer for your book, or need help on a passion project, I want to help you!

Please feel free to ask for assistance!

See you next Year!

Maddy Goshorn

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