Leeched Talent

Leeched Talent is founded by Noah Goshorn, and co-founded with the help of Maddy Goshorn Media. The Clergymen is written by Noah Goshorn, who is currently studying in pursuits of attaining a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing. Noah is also the director of the project. 

As co-founders of Leeched Talent, Maddy Goshorn Media provides composed music for each of the episodes, the score for each of the episodes are found in the Compositions section. We also provide voices to several of the characters.

The Clergymen full project is planned to be released by the summer of 2021.

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The Clergymen

In a World where the Power of God gives you actual Powers. Five Individuals solve Supernatural cases in the name of the Church.

The Clergymen is a Radio Drama that takes place in a 20th century fictional Europe. It follows a group of five individuals who make up the titular Clergymen. Ezra is the prophetic leader of the group and serves as spiritual guide. Silas who is the oldest member -other than Ezra – and is a father figure for the group supporting them and offering advice to all while filling in the role of the detective. Herodias is – what the church calls – a lamb, in that she is supposed to be the sacrifice for the group and is used whenever the group needs to commit a sin for the greater good of the church. Elijah is the youngest member of the eleventh order. A pious and curious child Elijah has a habit of having his prayers answered quickly and literally by God. Finally, the last and newest member of the group is Alister who joined the group in the pursuit of seeking revenge against the man they follow, a man simply called the Undertaker. This story however focuses little on the Undertaker and instead primarily deals with a small town named Durinbar where every night the Bishop of the town has the same woman killed for her witchcraft. Alongside the witch there is slew of disappearances and the Bishop, alongside his congregation, are eager to have the problem resolved permanently.

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As The Story Goes 

As the story goes is an improv story podcast, where the storyteller, myself, pitches an idea for a story and the protagonist decides where the stories goes. The style is a mixture between choose your own adventure books, and DnD. It's a fun acting out story telling show!


Our first story is called Preservation Pursuits, taking place a hundred years in the future where the Earth is over populated with humans and animals were given a reservation on the moon. Our Protagonist, Delilah, is visiting the reservation with her sister. Where things go horribly wrong.