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Maddy Goshorn

Maddy Goshorn Media offers services to other production groups and small businesses. If you are thinking about making a video for your website, social media accounts, or you want to start a video series and you need some help, we have expertise in a plethora of fields to help you out!



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Maddy Goshorn grew up in the Washington D.C. area. She always had a passion for cartoons as a child and it never seemed to go away. And while her love of voice acting has not faltered, she became more and more fascinated with the story making process. She's done theater for years and has a mix of musical, Shakespeare, and dramatic experience under her belt. After a few small encounters with Voice Acting she quickly fell in love with it. The combination of doing silly voices and the platform of performing more versatile characters, felt like her heaven on earth. Maddy studied with Edge Studio for several years getting her sea legs in the Voice Over Environment. Afterward she studied with the Global Voice Acting Academy with the amazing David Rosenthal as her coach. All the while honing the craft with projects at East Corp Productions, Haunted Jukebox Entertainment, Crazy Monkey Studios, and creating her own works at Leeched Talent and Determinal Velocity. And after a few years of working on her own projects, she felt the push to help others in the community with what she had learned, not only to flex her skills, but to help with projects that she at one point felt overwhelmed in trying to tackle. 

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